Reduce time-to-analysis by 80%
DatCore is a modular, integrated CRM back-end solution, than can reduce
the average 8 months of customer data analysis implmentation
time to only a few weeks.
How it works
02:27 min. video
  • Faster KPI generating
    Predefined KPI sets and contains thousands of prede ned reports. Any KPi set can ontain up to 80% of all necessary KPIs.
  • More efficient iteration
    Well definied, easy-to-navigate business and IT definitons of metadata and the possiblity of easy collaboration help in understanding the KPIs.
  • Flexible segmentation
    The system is open for quick changes and flexible for modifications in term of segmentation.
Pre-defined KPI sets
DatCore has hundreds of pre-defined KPIs, that are organized into thematic containers. Any predefined set can contain up to 80% of the analyzer's requirements immediately.
KPI sets can be modified and iterated quickly and efficiently.
Data visualization
Segment performances can be evaluated in monthly, quarterly and yearly periods. All data are visualized, and KPIs are thoroughly described. KPIs can be browsed via links and can be commented, which makes sharing and collaboration easier.
DatCore provides exact business and IT definitions to each KPI in an easily understandable metadata management system. It contains easy-to-navigate definitions and all kinds of relations among them.
The DNA of any segment comprises all the KPI data in one easy-to-understand visual. It contains not only current data, but also marks trends and changes. A well-defined DNA can become even visual symbol of a campaign in a CRM system.
DatCore contains thousands of predefined reports. They can be easily accessed in the system to provide quick and easy-to-understand analysis.
DatCore has also...
  • Lightweight solution
    DatCore is a platform independent application being able to collaborate with multiple data bases and able to run on open source fundamentals.
  • Hierarchy manager
    The application contains a hierarchy manager module being able to both use and visualize hierarchies arriving from source systems and provide a front-end to build hierarchies based on loaded source value sets.
  • Authentication and authorization
    DatCore is able to connect to any existing authentication and authorization solution syncronizing the already implemented user settings, but provides also an own solution that manages user roles to access different modules, KPIs and reports of the application.
  • Monitoring module
    The loading process of the source data is automated, operated and monitored by a monitoring module that has a front-end to support both superusers on business side and maintenance staff.
  • Framework system
    DatCore provides a visual framework for the entire application containing each module. The framework system contains a message broker component that shows activities and tasks to be finished to the users to facilitate and speed up collaboration among colleagues. The framework system can also be embedded into the existing front-end of the organization.
  • Data extracting module
    DNAs and reports created in the application can be extracted to serve as an input for management reports and campaigns.
Our Team
  • Pál Schmidt
    head of strategy
  • Dr. Gergely Babos
    partner, head of concept
  • Zoltán Schmidt
    partner, head of technology
  • Zoltán Kukk
    partner, solution architect
  • István Tóth
    project manager
  • Éva Keresztes
    visualization expert
  • Gábor Ébert
    database architect
  • László Takács
    application architect